November 23, 2007

Photo of the Week:Sangu Poo

I have already told that the 'Point and Shoot' digital cameras are best to shoot Macro shots. Do you see a tiny flower icon on one of the camera buttons? Ues, if you activate that, you will get marvelous macro shots of objects.

To test my new camera (Samsung A40), I placed a violet flower on a tamil book and captured this photo. I deliberately had the "red somthing" (a cloth bin) on the background to emphasis the blurriness or bokeh.


This flower is called by Tamil local name "Sangu Poo" (Butterfly Pea in English - Botanical name Clitoria Ternatea) and the plant is a tendril climber. "Sangu" is a wind-based musical instrument, and the flower resembles the shape of "Sangu". "Poo" is the tamil word for flower.

I liked the way, the depth of focus worked out in the photo. An important advice, try to use natural light to shoot macro shots and rest the camera on a table or a hard surface to avoid motion blur.

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Rampantheart said...

Wow!this is great!Nice pic!But sadly,these flowers are used for dissection in botany and i still feel bad that i had to do the same to clitoria..