November 2, 2007

Photo of the Week: Just after a shower

The following photo is one of the most favourited photo in my flickr photostream.

It continues the top position (Rank 1) on the Flickr's 500 Interesting photos from the day it was posted on June 30, 2006.

Close to 5,000 people have viewed this photo, 108 people calls this as their favourite and 81 of them have left good comments.

Thanks to my flickr friends.

Peace (by Thiru Murugan)

I have not told many people the story behind the photo shoot. It was a boring afternoon, just after a shower, I was looking for a good subject in the garden for my next shot. With my friend's camera in one hand, I picked this flower and help up against the blue sky and took some close-up shots using the "Macro" mode.

The camera was not a fancy one - just a simple, "Point-and-Shoot". But, Point and Shoot cameras are the best to take finest close-up shots - Use the macro mode (button with the little flower icon).

When you are in the "Macro mode", press the shutter softly (half-press), the lens would focus and show a preview of the crisp foreground image with blurred background. Now, click it without shaking hands, that' s it. You will get a great close-up shot.

Often, a good photo brightens my day. Sometimes, I spend hours and hours and more than 10 shots to get the right photo. It is worth the wait, when so many fellow photographers appreciate them.

Flowers are my favourite subject, because, they do not move. It is easy to practise compared to people or animals. For starters, flowers are easy subjects.

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