February 1, 2007

Perfect Lover : Annoyance

This is a critical update to the Perfect Lover story. Contrary to the belief that the service is one-off affair, I continue to get some messages like , 'you do not have insufficient balance to receive messages from this service'. Thankfully, my mobile balance is zero.

After littlefaeriegirl pointed out, I went in again to the site and read their "terms and conditions". What a miss!

They say,
under Description of Service:
"The user is charged $6.60 for the love reading, $6.60 for the horoscope club joining fee and $6.60 for the horoscope. The horoscope is sent out twice a week at $6.60/message."
What the...? My bad, from now on, I should read the "T&C".

Now, when I recharge my prepaid account, the first thing I should do is to send an SMS saying "STOP" to 19776656 to stop all these menaces and financial losses.

The moral of the story, everyone is this:

You can do something wrong, then learn the right thing.


Watch someone doing ...and you learnt. Didn't you?

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