January 30, 2007

Perfect Lover

You would've noticed this "Perfect Lover" - Find your soulmate's details with name etc. It appears in Google Ads.

I was curious. I do not believe in these type of astrologies / fortune telling. Because, I was thinking of developing such a site - for fun. I wanted to see what they do and how they do.

It costed me $5 (Australian Dollars). You need to provide your gender, name and your mobile number at the site. After that, you will receive a confirmation code. You need to type it in the website.

After few minutes, you will receive a message describing the characteristics of your perfect mate.

Mm..want to know what I got?

Eye Colour: Brown, Blue or Green (sounds good)

Birth Year: Year of the Dragon and Rat (Ok, I'll remember these!)

Starsign: Cancer, Pisces , Taurus (Mm..something fishy!)

Name: Starts with U, H, T or G (Cool)

Probably, I should write a software to check every girl I meet to give their starsign, name, chinese year and eye colour ..to see if they will be my perfect lover..oh jee..!

If you find my perfect lover with above characters, let me know. I can help you to find yours. Post your perfect lover's details.

Just for fun :p

1 comment:

littlefaeriegirl said...

unless you want them to keep charging you $5 a week/month (cant remember which) you need to reply with 'unsubscribe' as your message.
you'll get your horoscope sent out to you and each time you get it, it costs you $5

just letting you know