July 8, 2005

Festival of Ideas Update!

(Pic: http://www.adelaidefestival.org.au/ideas/)

"Ideas are the currency of our information age -
they challenge the present
and build our future."
The festival has began. I attended the talk, "Shaping sustainable future: What you can do now" by Ian Lowe, Griffith University.
Some of his remarks are really striking very hard. Sustainable future - whose concerning about it anyway? Government? People? What about people of third-world countries? Will they sacrifice their economic aspirations for environmental concerns?
We tend to give more importance to short term goals, but what about the long term future of this planet? If you are not worrying now, then when?
We talk, sensationalize the killings of 100s of innocent people by terrorists (due apologies), but for 100s and 100s of years, many more 1000s are 'killed' by poverty, without having anything to eat!
We crave about desifner gadgets, designer clothes etc. What about the breathing air, drinking water, without which you will not be alive? Are we caring enough about it?
Ok, who has to do, what? He concluded with this remarks.
"We are going to change the world!
(If not you, my little one, who else can?)"

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