June 30, 2005

Adelaide Festival of Ideas

(Pic: Screenshot of www.adelaidefestivalofideas.com.au)

I am looking forward to the upcoming Adelaide Festival of Ideas, where emininent speakers talk about their dreams and ideas for the public (this year's theme "What has to be done?") which is open for debate. The sessions include a wide array of topics. All daytime sessions are free-of-charge, where as evening special sessions are charged at $15 minimum.

Some of the topics, which I am going to attend are (All are free!):

  • Crisis as Opportunity: Nature’s Solutions as the Key to our Future
  • The University of Google:Speed searching and the killing of knowledge
  • Einstein’s Big Year Out
  • Brain Drain or Intellectual Traffic
  • Information:The Soul and the Embryo (Parallel Session with the topic below, so, I have to choose one!)
  • Shaping a Sustainable Future:What you can do now
  • The Global Warming Debate: Good Science or Bad Politics?
This is a very interesting and thought provoking concept. It has been celebrated in Queensland as well. Another festival, which celebrates Visual Arts, Music and Dance, usually lasts for four weeks is Sydney Festival

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