December 14, 2009

Random things

4 stages of blogging

Stage 1. When you start a personal blog, you would want to blog everything that you see, hear and read. After all, you have started your own Persnal Media.

Stage 2: When you gain an audience, you dont know what your audience wants. You think twice before you start to write something. You don't want to look stupid for writing such a silly post.

Stage 3: Social applications take up most of your sharing / bookmark type of posts. It looks like it is hard to write anything other than your own life.

Stage 4: You haven't written anything in your blog for a looooooong time. Now, you have learnt the art of blogging.


On the other day, I was talking to an Indian who told me about the Japanese style of outsourcing. When negotiating for a deal, it seems that the Japanese would want to achieve these three things from their business partners:

1. Products/ Services of highest quality

2. Lowest price gurantee and

3. Quickest turnaround time.

In all these three things, Japanese set the targets. Do you know who agrees to match their hard-to-achieve quality standards, impossible timelines and dead-cheap asking prices?

Indian business consultants!

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