April 23, 2009

Story:Happiness Follows

Once there was an old alley cat walking down the street looking for
his supper. As he walked along he came upon a beautiful young cat
who was running around in circles chasing her tail. Around and
around she went trying as hard as she could to catch her tail.

The old alley cat stopped and asked her, "What are you doing?"
The young cat slowed down and replied that she had been taught that joy,
happiness, success and luck were all in the tip of her tail.

"All that I have to do is catch the end of my tail, and I will have the happy life,
she said.

The old alley cat replied, "I've been around for a long time,
and I know that joy, happiness, success and luck are in the tip of my
tail; but, you know if I don't chase it and work my very hardest and
don't worry about it, the happy life follows me wherever I go. My tail
follows me everywhere, so I don't need to chase it."

Happiness isn't a place, a time, or a possession. You have to make it happen.
The ways to make it happen is to stop worrying about everything and just
go about your business, and do your very best.

Then, if you really work hard, your happiness will follow you just like the alley cat's tail.


Martin said...

Nice story and a nice philosophy.

believe me said...

I always heard of cunning cat story.
Nice to hear philosophical cat stroy.

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

oh, for wise cats:)

Anonymous said...

Hello! nice blog!