January 12, 2009

Kids and Grand 'Kids'

Beach Play

I like listening to kids (4 and below) and elderly people (70 and above) - grand 'kids'. I believe they have very beautiful stories to share with me. The guys and gals in between, no offense but you all are plain boring (myself included). Let me try to explain why.

We have lost the real of joy of living; enjoying the present moment without worrying about what's coming next. When a person smiles and waves at you in the streets, you look them suspicious as if they come looking for your money. We search for money, relationships, love, power, recognition and everything else at present. We postpone present happy moments for 'future happiness' that may not arrive. Endless search for some things that we think we don't have. We never satisfied with what we have.

While at office, we would be thinking of home and while at play, we would be worrying about next day's troubles in office. We are all searching for something with so much greediness that we have forgotten how to enjoy the present moments. When was the last time you did something with undivided attention for at least 30 minutes?

But for the kids, the big search has not begun and for the elderly people the search has been complete. I like seeing this world with kid's eyes. You can see a world with no barriers. If you are struck with a problem, ask a kid on how to deal. They will tell a beautiful solution. We make things complex. Only few fortunate ones keep their childhood alive as they grow.

On the other day, I asked a friend of mine, 'how is your sister?'. To which she replied, 'oh yea, she is happy'. Immediately, I asked, 'happy, what for?'. Did you see the problem? We need a reason to be happy. Birthday, job promotion, marriage or whatever, we need a tiny reason to celebrate. But, kids are always happy, to become sad, they need a valid reason. Got that?

The design of life is so beautiful, you are born as a kid and when you get old, you become a kid again. You no longer respect material things. All you need is undivided attention from the loved ones as a kid would expect. Be gentle with kids and elderly people. Because, you were looked after by your grand parents when you were a kid and your kids will look after you when you become old.

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Shyam K said...

Yeppdi Thirum ippadiyellam... No complaints and believe your wordings! good on you mate.