January 5, 2009

But, I thought they were for

If you are a shy person like me, you would understand this. I never ask anyone about anything. I assume things (partly because I am an egoistic Engineer). Sometimes I am right but most of the times I would be wrong. I will list some of the common misunderstandings I had as a child. I forgot many of those stupid assumptions.

  • As a kid, I thought the moon was following me wherever I go. Even when I started running, it would follow me.
  • When people were electorlocuted (touched a live electric wire), I thought their blood will boil, evaporate and then they woudl die eventually.
  • I thought God would be watching all my activities and listening to all my words (lies). My parents told me so and I believed.
  • I thought the elevators / lifts are for disabled and old people who couldn't climb up the stairs.
  • I thought if you hurt an ant, in your next life, you will become an ant. That ant will become a human and it will hurt you. Same pinch.
  • After seeing some hoardings showing "Contact: 8345678", I thought that was a brilliant idea. Make people to call a phone number to know what the hoarding's advertisement is. Curious, huh?
  • When I first signed up for an email account, I came up with a strong, cryptic password which I thought would never be guessed by anyone else. A day later, I forgot that password and lost my thirumurugan @ hotmail.com account.
  • And I thought all those free newsletters that I signed up with the new Hotmail account would make me smart. Duh!
  • When using a slow dial-up connection, minimizing the Internet Explorer windows, I thought, would speed up the loading of web pages. Have you tried? It works.
  • When I came to Australia, I never attended many lectures / concerts because they demanded a "Gold Coin Donations only". Gold coin for a 2 hour lecture? I thought no way. After an year, some one told me that the $1 and $2 coins are called 'Gold coins'. But, in my country a gold coin is a gold coin. Bugger all those concerts!

When I came here to Australia, everything that I came across were so alien to me and I had to ask people to know what it is. Thankfully, I had a friend Chelsey from USA, Chong from China and Preeti from India who patiently explained to me.

Stupid assumptions make you look stupid. But, aren't they cute?

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Good and Honest one.