November 5, 2008

Personal Blogging:Is it dead?

Just few years ago, everyone started to blog. Their passion has certainly died out slowly and if you check out the stats, I am pretty sure 90% of the bloggers have abandoned their blogs. The reason why I started this blog is very simple - just to write down my thoughts and opinions. I wanted no audience, still I don't know honestly who is reading my blog. When I look at my earlier blogging days, I had the urge to blog everything. I passionately look for something to blog everyday. Now, I think if it is really going to benefit my readers.

So, what should you blog from now on?

If something is useful to others (not your dad, mom and friends - send them an email, instead), blog it.If you have a big friend's circle and keep them updated about you, you can write a weekly/monthly update on your blog.

You can write customer reviews for the products that you use - honest opinions really help your readers.

You can write travelogues of the places you visited - write a complete guide what to do, where to eat/sleep etc.

There is always a need for 'How-to-do' posts and you could make one.

What you shouldn't blog?

Weblinks, bookmarks - use Delicious and share your feed.

Videos - No need to embed youtube videos, share your favourite video list.

No need to write if you had a coffee/bath - Use twitter / Plurk.

Do not write anything that doesn't add any value to reader (But, who decides it?).

Let me stop preaching. Let me stop preaching. Let me stop preaching. Let me stop preaching. (advice for me)

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