November 27, 2008

How do you discourage terrorists?

I have been thinking about this blog post since the Bangalore / Ahmedabad bomb blasts in India. Terrorist attacks are nothing new, it's been like this in the developing nations for over a decade. The world took a serious note only after 9/11. No country is safe from terrorism/terrorists. A few weeks ago, I was talking (listening) to retired police officer in the regional victoria. He said, "The traffic and crime are people's problems. If people are vigilant all the time, no incidents would happen. Only a few men can't make it happen". Terrorism is also a people's problem. No Government / Secret Agency will help us to predict such activity. It's about finding answers to the questiond 'How do you stop terrorists/terrorism?', 'How will you and your family react to an act of terrorism?' and 'Do you have a plan in place to fight terrorism?'. Here are my initial thoughts:

What Governments can do?

  • Any Government, be it USA, UK Australia or India, should detach religion from terrorism. Give up the prejudice that people of ONLY some religion are practising terrorism. That kind of prejudice will easily let the real culprits off the hook.
  • Try to solve the core issue of terrorists, if you can. They might have a valid reason to fight.
  • Follow money. Track where money is being sent/received.
  • Reward citizens who give vital information about a suspected activity.

What Media can do?

  • The media need not 'celebrate' terrorism/terrorists on the front page / news coverage with full-coloured photos. The way they reported the recent blasts on the front page and coverage as 'how big', 'how devastating' and 'how spectacular', anyone who seeks glory might try taking up a career in terrorism. Terrorists objective is to induce fear with the public, with the help of media, they are achieving it every time. If I have the power, I would call the media people and ask not to report any terrorist activities from this moment. NO - not even a word.I don't care about the 'freedom of press'.
  • Publish good stories - the stories of people who have fought against hardships.
  • Media can choose 'Good Citizens of the Year' from each State, Locality to show that persons who practise good ethics, values will be rewarded. This would make everyone believe that if you do good, you will receive good.

What Citizens (we) can do?

  • Keep your eyes wide open. If we assume there are about 10% of total population are terrorists, non-terrorists - we are the majority. 90% good people can have their eyes on on those 10% terrorists.
  • Report to Police/Government as soon as you see something suspicious.
  • Talk to your kids. Teach moral values to your children. Be responsible for their actions. Monitor their friends/connections even if they are grown-ups.

Now, it's your turn. Prepare for the battle.

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rampantheart said...

The media, to get publicity, publish news that eulogise the terrorists. You have got a point there! But the million dollar question is, will the government or the media do this or at least try to? :|