November 25, 2008

14 Tips from My 99-year old Grandmother

Nearly 100 but, my Grandma is going strong. She is my mom's mom. I am already feeling sad because, I may lose her one day. Much of my values, habits were hardcoded to me by my grandma. I wonder how many young kids have the opportunity to listen to grandma's stories every night. I have learnt so much from her and here are the tips that she has told us from time-to-time and try to practise every day.

1. Travel and see new places because, that is the only way you will learn about others. More than that you will discover more about yourself.

2. Keep faith in God, but prepare well for school exams. You won't probably get good grades because of prayers, but you might not fall sick on the exam day.

3. When you go in a group (cinema/hotel), always pay for yourself. This will avoid lot of conflicts later.

4. Read something every day - any subject, read.

5. Do not eat junk food. Do not.

6. When something is wrong, say so. Say 'I am sorry' with utmost sincereity. You might escape from punishments, perhaps.

7. Spend time talking with your mother, even if you are very busy.

8. Say good things about people. People like to hear good things. Be honest and say only if you mean it.

9. Eat breakfast. Once a day, in the morning (before 10am).

10. Spend some time in the garden / park.

11. Do NOT do anything 'for your friends'. If you do not wish to do something, no one can talk (blackmail) you into doing that.

12. Go to bed early and rise early. You will get more of every day.

13. You don't need to worry about anything. If something is not in your control, there is no use worrying about it. If something is in your control, then control it. No use worrying over anything. Anything.

And the most important tip that she told me about living longer (more than 100 years, perhaps). It's about what you eat and how you eat.

14. 'Carefully choose what you eat. If your body doesn't accept, do not try to stuff it in. Eat what your body can cope up with. Do not eat in large quantities just because you like the taste.'


shyamk said...

Will have breakfast everyday! Thanks for the tip.

rampantheart said...

Wow! Grandmothers are always fun, aren't they? Especially when they offer their sweet advice!My grandmom is a sweetheart too! She is 86 now! Well, i really wonder if we people can live up to a 70, let alone 90! I sometimes envy the way they would have lived!