August 16, 2008

You are invited

How are you? Sorry long time no blog posts. Here’s the good news that I have been waiting to tell you.

I take pleasure in inviting YOU, your friends and family to my Sister Jayalakshmi’s marriage with Vijayakumar. My Sister graduated with a Diploma in Education and will continue her career in teaching and her would-be is also a teacher. Apart from this bit of information about the groom, I don’t know much (Sorry, that’s me!) and I believe my parents and sister have made the right choice. Some important stuff, down below.


For anyone living AWAY: I understand that you cannot book flights to India at a short(!) notice. If you send me your wishes, I will deliver them.

For anyone who can attend: Don’t worry. If you reach Kallakurichi, I would take care of you from there. Don't forget the phone numbers like me.

By the way, here are some other fun things you can do if you are not able to attend the marriage.
  • Think and write an e-wish for the bride-groom spending just a few characters (How about 140?).
  • Or you could pen-down the same and post (the old way snail-mail) to our home address (in the Pic)
  • You can fly to Kallakurichi and have a ‘look around’ with Google Earth. Download the Kallakurichi Placemark.
  • You can view & read the marriage invitation in Tamil.

Sorry, I won’t blog/twitter this marriage or do a livecast on the web (leave that to my marriage, if it happens). Most importantly, avoid teasing me with the age-old-phrase ‘Ah..YOU will be the Next!’ (that's not funny).


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