March 27, 2008

Sometimes Choices Make you Lazy

Driving to Wollongong

Sometimes I think we should not be given a choice to postpone things. Especially, for me. I seem to work well under pressure with a deadline hanging on my head.

I should have got my driving license 6 months ago. My company offered me a job which had a requirement of an Australian Driving License. Then, I asked them if I can join and learn to drive and get a license ' as soon as possible'.

They gave me 6 months. Then it got extended to another 6 months. Almost 8 months after, I am still 'trying to get the license'.

Only if they had told me I won't get the job if I don't get the license. I would have got my license in 3 months time.

Sometimes, people should not give choices. I found that at least, choices do not work for me.


Geoengineering - Past, Present & Future said...

Everyone sailing in the same boat...

Anonymous said...

You should keep your promise with in what u got. Life is full of choices and with out choices it wont be interesting and looks like a manual to read my friend.

thendral said...

same thing on ur marriage too?