February 19, 2008

Australian Commentators are Funny. NOT.

"Today, I was watching the India-Srilanka match. But one thing was really sad to notice.

Its fair to say that Australia is the best fielding side(because all 11 players good in the field now). But one must remember that 7-8 years ago, it was NOT the case. They always had slow or bad fielders, and also the fact is at that time South Africa, New Zealand and even Zimbabwe was considered to be best fielding sides.

That was a run-out by Rohit Sharma, direct hit, that was a good fielding of course, he is a good fielder which is also true.

Ian Healy and Mark Tailor were in the box. Ian Healy said "Oh, thats probably the best piece of fielding by Indians in the last 15 years or so". I would take it as just an 'exaggeration' or his 'non-awareness' of other good fieldings or his sheer ruthlessness when it comes to fielding. But immediately after he said that, he started laughing loudly and Tailor followed that as well..

There are so many commentators who I have lot of respect. Craig Chappel, Mark Nicholas to name a couple.. Few commentators talk very technically detailed, some pure passion, some mixture of both. But I dont think one can talk so disgustingly,

Please tell this to an Australian and he should be ashamed of this. I think it's far worser than any thing else."

One of my Indian friend after watching the match emailed me. I felt that's just a cocky Aussie humour and the commentators didn't mean that exactly what they said. If such comments were heard by an Australian, they would shrug their shoulders and move on. But, when you commentary is aired to other countries - crossing cultures, it could be entirely based on the literal meaning of the words only.

The Australian commentators should be aware of this. Another disappointing aspect about Australian commentators is that they do not know Indian players and their performances. They get excited about Sachin Tendulkar, VVS laxman (He is highly rated only in Australia) and few senior players. They have no clue about the young players and I bet they would not know if a player can bowl or bat if I say the name.

Well, all are human beings and we can not know players of the opponent team. Then, they should not be commenting a match that involves two different nations.
What do you say?

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