January 1, 2008

The Story of a Money Tree

In a little town in India, called Aat-Pat Nagar, there lived a wise Brahmin.

One day the Brahmin went to the King to ask for alms.

The King generously offered him one hundred rupees, but the Brahmin refused to take any money that the King had not earned through work.

The King had never worked in his life! He thought of a plan and asked the Brahmin to come back in two days.

The next day, the King replaced his robes with a torn, old robe and went to a nearby village.

The King asked a man for work and was told to dig earth for the road.

The King tried hard, but was soon too tired to work anymore.

The man gave the King a rupee coin and told him to go home.

The next day the Brahmin came to the palace and the King gave him his hard-earned coin.

The Brahmin planted the coin in his garden, where it sprouted and grew into a mighty tree covered with shiny rupee coins.

A few days later the King's daughters were collecting flowers from all the local gardens and came to visit the Brahmin. In his garden they saw the beautiful money-laden tree.

When they told the King about the Brahmin’s beautiful rupee tree, he ordered it to be cut down and brought to him.

But the Brahmin would not allow it and asked that the King come himself and take the tree.

The King came, and the Brahmin told him that the coin had grown into a tree because it had been earned with hard work.

The King felt humbled and went on his way.

The King learned that the fruits of our own hard work grow far greater than anything given to us. What we give generously from our own hard work will bring far greater wealth.

The End.

Courtesy: BBC, You can watch the story animated

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