April 23, 2007

FREE:Ten Must-Read Self-help Books

I was browsing through this new web service - scribd - where users share their best ebooks. You can get almost anything for free. You can save a book as a .pdf, .doc, .txt or even .mp3 file (I have not listened to any one yet).

I found 10 books that are really helpful for anyone who is interested in improving their life. Here they are..all yours - Best of Scribd - FREE to download.

10. 10 Small Steps to Real Self-Knowledge - How to improve your self-knowledge with these very simple steps to adjust in your everyday life.

09. Self Improvement The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives - The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives – by David Riklan Published by Self Improvement Online, Inc.

08. The Lemonade Principle - When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade! - A terrific book to make you feel happier and healthier.

07. Getting Things Done by David Allen - I must-read this one immediately.

06. The Best Advice I Ever Got-Warren Buffett & others - Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, A.G. Lafley, and 24 other luminaries on the people who most influenced their business lives.

05. Communicate to Win - A clever and simple recipe to gain communication skills in order to be successful.

04. Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence people - You must be kidding if you think I would leave out this book. In case, if you have n't read this classic, go ahead now.

03. Peoplemaking by Virginia Satir - A classic book dealing with the importance of 'family therapy'.

02. Masters of Body Language - If you are good at observing this language, you wont get into trouble again. Also, you may look at the classic Allan Pease's - Body Language.

01. David DeAngelo - One Default Thing To Do In Any Situation

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BONUS: Advice to Young Men from an Old Man - A list from the "best of craiglist". 2-minute read.

Extra BONUS: Steve Jobs's Commencement Speech at Stanford - CEO, Apple Inc. Even if you aren't a huge Steve Jobs fan, you will like this speech.

April 17, 2007

20 Amazing Oil paintings

A collection of 20 beautiful oil paintings by various unknown artists.

April 6, 2007

Happy Easter

(Pic courtesy:Tanakawho)

Wish you all a wonderful easter weekend!

Happy Easter!!

April 2, 2007

All your GMails Printed & Delivered for FREE

Yes, Google introduces a new service called "GMail Paper" in which you request ALL your emails will be printed and delivered to your door for absolutely for FREE. No kidding. Ofcourse, Google will print unobtrusive, contextual ads related to each email on the page. All your attachments are printed on glossy sheets and filed neatly and the package is delivered within 3-4 working days.

There's more announced by Google. Google Tisp, another new service gives you free broadband connection to your home instantly. You can request a installation kit very quickly using this form.

You can request a broadband installation kit from here. Hurry up and sign in before stacks last.

Free printed emails, Free broadband connections...

Whats more coming from you, Google?

PS: You may read the fine print that today is April 1 and after all , the Google guys make fun of you. Be aware, they may make offer such services in future and make the competitors fools.