December 4, 2007

You will receive a Christmas Card from me

I saw the wonderful gesture of Meg at her BlogPond about showing Christmas link love (Nice idea!). Thanks Meg, we are honoured.

Well, I was thinking of a similar thing and I have already made the arrangements (bought stuff) to reward my readers. There are no conditions or strings attached to this offer. How sweet..!

So, what's the offer?
I am going to mail you a real, signed Christmas & New Year postcard to your home. There are 24 cards in total, 12 for Australian readers and 12 for readers outside Australia (All taken).

What do you need to do?
Just send me your postal address to my email-id tmurugan @ gmail dot com. That's pretty much it.

For the convenience of other readers (to avoid disappointments), you may leave a comment below saying 'One card taken, 11 to go' with your Name (nickname is OK, too) and your Country. When the comment count reaches 12 + 12, people will know all the cards are booked.

When is the last date?
I want to post it by 12th December, 2007, so, send me an email anytime before that. Of course, be an early bird to grab one of the 24 cards.

I would like to thank all my readers and subscribers who have encouraged me and commented on my blogs.

Wish you a great year of blogging ahead.

P.S: For those who wonder why I do this, I have written something or the other in this blog since January 2005, which means I completing three years of blogging. WHooo..cut the crap!


Taken Cards (outside Australia):
1. Albert, USA
2. Wishbone, Singapore
3. Melinda, NZ
4. Johanna, Finland
5. Aurelia, France
6. Elena, Italy
7. Hanan, Hungary
8. Kaippullai, India
9. Cecilia, Phillippines
10. Yukiko, Germany
11. Little, Czech
12. Haagstilie, Lithuania

Few people have emailed me from postcrossing forum, I have included their names in the above list.

Taken Cards (in Australia):


Albert said...

Hope I got one! :)
+1 outside of Australia.

wishbone said...

I hope I'm 1st!

1 card taken, WishBoNe, Singapore.

கைப்புள்ள said...

Hope I get one card too

1 card to India

Hannon said...

would love to get one too,if still available,Hanan from Hungary

cecille said...

I would like a card please, thank you! :) ~ Cecille from the Philippines

Yukiko said...

I would like to have a card from the other side of the globus. Yukiko (Germany)

Little said...

Hello, very nice offer, hope there is still one left for me:-) Thank you, Milan, Czech Republic

Johanna said...

Thank you very much for the card already in advance :) Merry Christmas to you, from Johanna in Finland.

Yukiko said...

Hi! I received your nice Christmas card today. It is really interesting to see Santa Claus in short trousers with Koalas and Kangaroos. Really pretty! Thank you and best wishes, Yukiko