December 22, 2007

The Story of Wisdom

This is a Nigerian tale.

A long time ago, Nyame the god of the sky gave Anancy a huge pot which held all the wisdom of the world. Nyame told Anancy to share the wisdom with everyone he met.

The pot was filled with wonderful pictures, stories, music and many more exciting ideas. Whenever Anancy looked in the pot he learned something new.

Anancy was really greedy and didn’t want to share the wisdom. "I will keep it for myself!" he thought.

So Anancy decided to hide the pot of wisdom on the top of a tall tree, where no one else could find it.

He tied a rope around the pot and then tied it around his waist. But the pot was too heavy and kept getting in Anancy’s way.

Anancy’s son watched him climb the tree. "Tie the pot to your back" he shouted, "It will make it easier to climb."

So Anancy tied the pot to his back and very soon he was at the top of the tree.

But when Anancy got to the top he was very angry. "My son knows more than I do and I have the pot of wisdom" he cried.

Anancy was so angry that he threw the pot away. Crash! The pot broke into hundreds of pieces.

So, the wisdom is present everywhere.

BBC for Kids.

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