December 6, 2007

I am running late in my life

Yeah. Today, I was thinking if I am running late in my life. Things happen late for me in life. I get up late, I go to bed late, then I get up late because of that. The cycle goes on and on. It is spreading big.

After getting out of Uni, all my friends have got my job - but I was undecided for an year. Took few exams and tried few different paths, then after an year, I got my first job.

When all my friends had already finished their Master's degree in UK, USA. After 4 years working in the industry, I decided to do my Master's research degree in Australia. It is my slackness or my lack of decision making at certain stages of my life.

Say, getting a job, getting a driving license (still learning!). Even getting my thesis results. I have submitted my thesis in February, normally it would have taken only 4 months maximum to get the results. But, it is now December, now I heard from the examiners that everything is fine and I can go ahead and submit. So, my visa is getting delayed.

Don't ever talk about the word 'Marriage'. I am getting enough of those nagging speeches from my parents on 'Why should I marry soon?'. And then there is my dream, my goal which I would like to started with. Traveling around the world, helping people to improve their lives. I am already feeling the heat, if I wont go after my dream now, I would definitely be disappointed with my life. Definitely.

But, there are always good things. I am happy that things so far have been very good. Even though delayed, I have got the nicest things in the world. I am grateful that I have got good friends. I have grateful that I am presently working in one of the leading firms in Australia, I am grateful that I have got things at the right time.

I have learnt not to push things. Patience is the great virtue that turns you into a polished human being. So, I have learnt to live the life as it comes. I don't complain nowadays about getting late.

Mmm.. we all have dreams and goals. The surprise comes only they realise at the time that you never expected. You don't really know what I am talking about, do you? You will, one day!.

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