November 20, 2007

Viral Campaigns:Award-winning Inspirations

Following campaigns are the winners at Cannes Lions 2007.

1. Dove - Evolution: Wonderful concept of how our perception of beauty is 'made' by several people.

2. See more side effects (Animated - Click here)

3. Nike: Impossible is Nothing (Animated - Click here)

4. One billion years in a flash - Viral Email

"It took over one billion years for simple cells to evolve into the incredible variety of species that exist today. But in a few years the Asian Tiger may become extinct-not due to it being unfit to survive in its environment, but rather because of our selfish desires for their furs or the use of their bones and other body parts. WWF wanted to change human behavior before it's too late."

5. The Handshake Company - MSN

6. Natureza Viva

You can stitch to save the environment. Beautifully designed.

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