November 26, 2007

A to Z of your Life Meme

Simple Meme - Answer these following questions. No need to link my blog (enough of it!).

A.  Available or taken: "Does anyone give a damn?" -Oh, thats rude.. Available !
B.  Best Friend: She is in Bangalore.
C.  Cake or pie: a plain cake..
D.  Drink of choice: how about water? huh ;-p ok, tea!
E.  Essential item: a book , a camera , a friend and ...oh do I have to say just one?
F.  Favorite color: Green..
G.  Gummi bears or worms: Wuve,, both disgusting!
H.  Hometown:  Kallakurichi (Haven't hear of it yet? Better get used to it!)
I.  Indulgence: reading..

J.  January or February: January..has lots of energy..but, I like this coming February..becoz, on 14th is going to be an important date..I have been waiting for almost 2 years..! ok, no suspense...I am going to submit my thesis as that is my due date
K.  Kids and/or names: Let us name a boy kid as "Boy"  and girl kid as "Girl"..  will they be disappointed later in their lives..huh?
L.  Life is incomplete without: me!
M.  Marriage date: give me another 2 years..
N.  Number of siblings:  just one sister..
O.  Oranges or apples: oranges r lovely, refreshing
P.  Phobias/Fears: I am afraid of almost everything..I discover my phobias one by one..
Q.  Quote: "Hi!"
R.  Reason to smile: just because, I can make others happy  (and to remind myself that I can smile now ;-))
S.  Season:  Spring...

T.  Tag 3 /6 people: Please reader, consider yourself to be tagged. It will add a post for your NaBloPoMo month.

U.  Unknown fact about me: There are plenty..I hate people who lie  (I never told anyone ;-)) and I am shy to reveal another fact which I thought I would say in the first place !
V.  Vegetable you hate: I used to hate veggies..once I had been thro' Hostel life, my Vegophobia has disappeared (huh..there at least one phobia less!)
W.  Worst habit:  Consistently I am irregular in doing things!
X.  X-rays:  Had been x-rayed last week for Immigration purposes
Y.  Your favorite food:  that I cook (and when I find very good food in a restaurant..I love *GOOD* food!)
Z.  Zodiac: Scorpio..  (I sting..stay away..ha..haa! )

Sorry, just went crazy this time..but why not..being normal is boring..!

Please reader, consider yourself to be tagged. It will add a post for your NaBloPoMo month.

If you want plain A to Z meme, here it is below - Copy and Paste to your blog.

A.  Available or taken:
B.  Best Friend:
C.  Cake or pie:
D.  Drink of choice:
E.  Essential item:
F.  Favorite color:
G.  Gummi bears or worms:
H.  Hometown:
I.  Indulgence:
J.  January or February:
K.  Kids and/or names:
L.  Life is incomplete without:
M.  Marriage date:
N.  Number of siblings:
O.  Oranges or apples:
P.  Phobias/Fears:
Q.  Quote:
R.  Reason to smile:
S.  Season:
T.  Tag 3 /6 people:
U.  Unknown fact about me:
V.  Vegetable you hate:
W.  Worst habit:
X.  X-rays:
Y.  Your favorite food:  
Z.  Zodiac:

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