November 9, 2007

Photo of the Week: A sky full of opportunities

Action shots are great as you can freeze a moment for eternity. But, often action shots are too difficult to take as you may miss the right moment and right frame. It takes a few trials.

When we gathered at our friend's graduation ceremony, after a series of boring statue photographs with their certificates, I invited them to try something different. I have seen in few movies and photos where, a group would celeberate their graduation throwing their caps in air.

We wanted to try it, and of course, we did nt have an expensive SLR to capture the 10 frames per second. However, every point-and-shoot camera comes with a "Multi-burst mode" - where you can a series of shots and with options to save first few or the last few (Go and read the manual if you have a camera).

I told them to give 3 tries, and each shot captured 10 frames and saved 3 frames. So, the following photo is the best of 9 frames.

Flying Caps (by Thiru Murugan)
I sat down on my heels to get the elevation right to avoid any buildings in the background. It also conveys a message 'A sky full of opportunities' and a vibrant sky certainly helped on that day.

Many study-related websites and blogs have used this photo as all my photos are licensed under Creative Commons.

I think everyone in the photo would cherish this moment and it truly captures the joy of celeberation.

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Rampantheart said...

Ha ha!loved the post!Isn't it amazing that small things in life give us infinite happiness?