November 16, 2007

Photo of the Week: Do you have a fire inside?

Concept photos are really easy to shoot. But, the difficult part is to find a story. Remember, the more attractive your story is, the more people will appreciate your photo.

I normally shoot a photo and try to construct a story after it. Sometimes, I start with a story to construct a photo to achieve it.

This is a normal photo and I sat hard and constructed a story after I shot it. The matchsticks were conveying a good message and after few close-up shots of burning match-sticks, I tried arranging them in a semi-circle.

One of the match-stick fell in a wrong place and gave an inspiration to this photo.

Leading by Inspiration (by Thiru Murugan)

Why would people obey your words?

Why will they listen to you?

Why should people work for you?

If you inspire them and lead them by example, they will follow you until death. That's the power of 'inspiring leadership'.

The one that was preached and practised by Gandhi, is a nice example.

I was recently asked, "What would you say is the one real key to finding and keeping people?"

After thinking for a moment, I said, "Leadership."

The reason is that an inspirational leader in any field - business, sport, politics - draws in great people to work with them through their own magnetism.

by Sital Ruparelia from 7 Tips To Becoming an Inspirational Leader

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