November 13, 2007

10 things I like to do on a Sunday

1. I like reading newspaper 'The Age' is my favourite (They give 0.5 Kg supplements). I like reading the "Letters from Readers" section in the Sunday Newspaper. It is amazing to see how creative people are with their ideas.

2. I like to have a morning coffee at 11 am and at 1pm straight lunch.

3. I like cooking my own dinner and having at 7pm.

4. I like to plan my next week, things to do for the next few days.

5. I like going to a farmer's market and buy some fruits and veggies.

6. I like a evening walk around the town at 4pm.

7. I like watching a movie during dinner time. The last movie I watched was Reno 911.

8. I like reading some book before going to bed.

9. I like to email few friends and write scraps in Orkut and poke few others in Facebook.

10. Sunday is the only day, I will swtich on Telly to watch News. The World News on SBS gives a good roundup on world affairs happened on the previous week.

What do you usually do on a Sunday?

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