September 7, 2007

Seven ways to relieve Stress out of your Life!

1. Take Up A Hobby:
Remember, a hobby is not a commercial activity. It gives you peace of mind and helps you detour from your daily routine. A common mistake made by most is to take up an activity that closely relates to office work. If you're a computer programmer, DON'T design video games in your free time! Taking up completely unrelated hobbies will divert your mind and reduce stress.

2. Adopt A Pet:
Evidence suggests that having pets around helps keep a lid on stress. Activities like playing with your pet, tending to it and even such mundane tasks like removing ticks from your dog or taking it for a walk can prove a great tonic for hypertension.

3. Get A Massage:
There's nothing like a soothing massage for instant relief from day to day stress. A ten-minute neck and shoulder massage should revitalize you instantly!

4. Watch A Funny Film:
Even if you are feeling really busy or tired, humour never fails to put the zest back into your smile. Make the time to catch a funny flick at home or in the theatre.

5. Get A Facial:
Go to your local salon (guys too), sink into a comfortable chair and surrender yourself to the dexterous hands of the facial expert. You'll emerge rejuvenated and your skin will glow too.

6. Commune With Nature:
Every once in a while visit your ancestral village, a hill station or even take a walk in the local park. The site of green trees, ponds and animals gives you positive vibes and makes you feel positive again.

7. Take Up A Physical Activity
Aerobics, swimming or a brisk walk in the park jumpstart the feel good hormones of the brain. Choose your favourite exercise and stick to it!

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