July 23, 2007

Get Inspired: Tell them how you feel

A while ago, I had a question. It was "Why do we dream when it never turns into reality and only dissapoints us?" I never got the answer from my friends, they couldn't answer it. But after much soul-searching, I think I've found the answer to this burning question. As I lay in bed one night, overcome with depression and dispair. I had no idea where my life was going, or where things would end up. I could see no end to my sadness, and no light. There was nothing to look forward to, and nothing to look back on and smile. The things were there, I see that now, but at the time there was a misty fog over them. Now, if asked to think back and smile, I could do it for hours, but for those few hours that night I could find none. As I read over my diary - ah, my diary. The one true thing I've trusted. The only one who knows it all. I've kept it for almost a year now and the joy it brings to know there's somewhere I can truely express myself. But as I read over the years events I realised that although there were ups and downs, the ups definately over-weighed the downs and as I sat there reading, I found the answer to my question. I now realise that we are not dissapointed because our dreams fail to make it to reality. We are dissapointed because we fail to lead are lives in the direction of our dreams. Dreams are miraculous things, but even miracles need a push sometimes, and sometimes we need to push our lives towards them to get things started. Just like if you want something, push yourself towards it. It might push you back, but at least you learned trying.

"Always tell people how you feel about them. If you tell them, it may break your heart, but by saying nothing you might break theirs"

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