July 2, 2007

Are you throwing your boomerang today?

Whether you realize it or not, you are throwing the boomerang today. As you know, a boomerang is an angular club you toss away from you that eventually returns to you. In the game of life, you throw the boomerang daily, in the form of actions and behaviors that you send out into the world, and which return to you at some later date -- often multiplied on the rebound.

You've probably heard this principle stated in different ways, including, What goes around comes around. Or the Biblical phrases, Give and it shall be given unto you and As you sow, so shall you reap.

But how does this principle apply to your day-to-day life Simply put, if you treat others with love and respect, you will find that others will generally love and respect you. If you serve others, you will likely be served. Of course, this law also applies to negative behaviors. If you are critical and judgmental, don't be surprised when you are criticized and judged.

Many people don't believe in the boomerang principle because they fail to view it with a long term perspective. In fact, the return for your actions is seldom immediate. There is often a delay between your actions and the rebounding consequences.

People also have trouble with this concept because they look for the return to come from the same person to whom they gave something. It doesn't usually work that way. You'll never know where the return will be coming from -- or when it will arrive -- but it always comes.

It's really quite simple send it out and receive it back. So, if you want to receive love....give love. If you want people to appreciate you....show your appreciation for others. And if you want others to help you, then lend a helping hand yourself.

You have the power to create the life you want. It all depends on how you throw the boomerang!


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