June 6, 2007

Stumbled and Loved : Weekly Links 1

Scott Stulberg Photography - Beautiful collection of travel photos by Scott with soothing music tracks (few photos are Not Safe For Workplace viewing).

Analyze your handwriting and find about your personality - Write something on a paper and find out quickly by yourself.

A cute, little flash animation on City Life - funny and thought provoking.

Change Me - the power of imagery to create change- an initiative from Getty Images which allows you to upload an image that inspires you, as a viewer, you can also watch the photos uploaded by the world community.

Flickr photos by the colour you select - you choose a colour and the web page refreshes with photos of that theme colour. Highly addictive.

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Rampantheart said...

whoa!great post!as usual I am bookmarking this!For a person with a terrible memory power,bookmarking is a boon!:)

I had seen the invitation you had sent, to join SU.But i already happen to be in delicious.Why don't you join delicious for a change?I know delicious is not all that great!It also doesn't bring the desired traffic.But it would be fun!