June 8, 2007

Know yourself and your friends

According to Myers-Briggs, I am INFP - that is

The Myers-Briggs system measures people in four areas...subdivided by two functions

  • How a person relates to others (either by Extraversion or Introversion)
  • How a person takes in information (either by Sensing or iNtuition)
  • How a person makes decisions (either by Thinking or Feeling)
  • How a person orders their life (either by Judging or Perceiving)
Visit Myers-Briggs Introduction page to know which type you belong to.

So, by this classification - I worked out (roughly) - INFP and what does that signify?

And then visit the

Sixteen Types of Myers-Brigg page to know more about yourself.

I am a Dreamer - an Idealist. Well, I do not agree to that completely.

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