June 29, 2007

Delicious Pictures of Indian Food

This is a collection of some delicious pictures of South Indian food. South Indian cuisine consists of food from the states of Tamil nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra pradesh.

If you want to prepare any of the items - you can check out the following sites:
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Now, enjoy the feast (for your eyes only).

Aappam + mutta (egg) roast - Rice pancake and Egg Roast

Aappam + Idiaappam (noolputtu) + mutta-roast + vegetable stew. - Rice pancake , Rice noodles and

Aappam + vegetable stew.

Puttu + pappadam + Pazham (banana) + kadala curry - Made with a flour, ground nuts.

Puttu + pappadam + Pazham + Erachi (meat) Roast

You know this.. We call it Ney Dosai. The Sambar is distinct, with multi vegetables!

Need no introduction!! - Idly.

I said it already, Noolputtu (Indian rice noodles) + vegetable stew..

Typical feast lunch on banana leaf!

Biriyani (flavoured rice), see the cashew, egg & tomato garnishing

Erachi (Lamb) Roast

Erachi (Meat) curry

Chicken curry

Meen (Fish) curry (Coconut milk based)

Meen (Fish) curry (Tamarind based)

Meen (Fish) curry

Meen roast + Kappa

Meen roast

Lime pickle

Mango pickle

Ada (Rice cakes with sweet fillings, covered in banana leaves& steamed)

Kappa + Meen curry


Ghee roast


Masala Dosa and Idly with Chilli powder

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Asha said...

Absolutely fabulous array of food. Good job!:)