May 31, 2007

Keep Walking: Top Attractions of May 2007

20 Amazing Oil paintings [Pictures] - Twenty amazing oil paintings (pictures) to stimulate your creative mind.

33 Best of the best National Geographic Photos [Pictures] - A real-good collection of stunning wallpapers that you can download for FREE.

12 Best Desktop Wallpapers from Flickr [Pictures] - Creative Commons licensed, Wide desktop wallpapers for Windows Vista provided by Flickr photographers.

Cute Bacterias

Bacterias as Cute Plush Toys:Picture Collection
[Pictures] - Designers looked at these microscopic creatures and visualized how they would look like if they are enlarged.

Amazing Collection of Miniature look-alike Pictures
[Pictures] - A simple photo shop treatment could convert real-world photos into stunning miniature toy models.

Earth from Air

50 Beautiful and Stunning Pictures from Air
[Pictures] - Incredibly beautiful world from top - images from every corner of the world. Earth is beautiful!

Animals and Kids

Kids love animals
[Pictures] - A photo essay depicts the various relations shared by kids and animal (pets).

What flickr has done to me in these two years? - My personal journey of photographing and how it gets evolved with flickr.

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