April 23, 2007

FREE:Ten Must-Read Self-help Books

I was browsing through this new web service - scribd - where users share their best ebooks. You can get almost anything for free. You can save a book as a .pdf, .doc, .txt or even .mp3 file (I have not listened to any one yet).

I found 10 books that are really helpful for anyone who is interested in improving their life. Here they are..all yours - Best of Scribd - FREE to download.

10. 10 Small Steps to Real Self-Knowledge - How to improve your self-knowledge with these very simple steps to adjust in your everyday life.

09. Self Improvement The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives - The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives – by David Riklan Published by Self Improvement Online, Inc.

08. The Lemonade Principle - When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade! - A terrific book to make you feel happier and healthier.

07. Getting Things Done by David Allen - I must-read this one immediately.

06. The Best Advice I Ever Got-Warren Buffett & others - Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, A.G. Lafley, and 24 other luminaries on the people who most influenced their business lives.

05. Communicate to Win - A clever and simple recipe to gain communication skills in order to be successful.

04. Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence people - You must be kidding if you think I would leave out this book. In case, if you have n't read this classic, go ahead now.

03. Peoplemaking by Virginia Satir - A classic book dealing with the importance of 'family therapy'.

02. Masters of Body Language - If you are good at observing this language, you wont get into trouble again. Also, you may look at the classic Allan Pease's - Body Language.

01. David DeAngelo - One Default Thing To Do In Any Situation

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BONUS: Advice to Young Men from an Old Man - A list from the "best of craiglist". 2-minute read.

Extra BONUS: Steve Jobs's Commencement Speech at Stanford - CEO, Apple Inc. Even if you aren't a huge Steve Jobs fan, you will like this speech.

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