April 2, 2007

All your GMails Printed & Delivered for FREE

Yes, Google introduces a new service called "GMail Paper" in which you request ALL your emails will be printed and delivered to your door for absolutely for FREE. No kidding. Ofcourse, Google will print unobtrusive, contextual ads related to each email on the page. All your attachments are printed on glossy sheets and filed neatly and the package is delivered within 3-4 working days.

There's more announced by Google. Google Tisp, another new service gives you free broadband connection to your home instantly. You can request a installation kit very quickly using this form.

You can request a broadband installation kit from here. Hurry up and sign in before stacks last.

Free printed emails, Free broadband connections...

Whats more coming from you, Google?

PS: You may read the fine print that today is April 1 and after all , the Google guys make fun of you. Be aware, they may make offer such services in future and make the competitors fools.

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