March 25, 2007

What a shame!


Oh, my goodness. Bob, we are very sorry! Who would've thought it would end like this.

First, they said it was the stress that taken the life of this man.

Now, it is called a murder. They say, it might be an angry mob - or an angry fan - I disagree with this view.

I strongly believe that there is a network of baddies involved in this tragic event. Allegedly, Bob Woolmer had told to the media that he would unearth the 'ugly politics behind Pakistan Cricket'.

A magnificent cricketer, skillful coach - we are ashamed that we could not help you in your last moments.

I pray that the guilty would be found and punished soon. Not another such event in the name a sport, please!

1 comment:

mayank said...

ya quite true wat u said..there is a conspiracy behind this. And its a murder not a heart attack. Unfortunately the world will miss the most innovative coach of all-times. RIP Woolmer