March 10, 2007

My bet is on Australia!

With two warm up matches got over, the World Cup 2007 cricket fever is slowly gripping the spectators. Australia, Pakistan and India were comfortable in beating their opponents in those matches. Just because, England and West Indies were the loosing teams doesnt mean they would be very weak in the future games.
India starts the campaign with a match against Bangladesh then comes Bermuda and a good team of Srilankan players in the third and final league match.
Australia in a similar way starts with a no-match against Scotland and another one against Netherlands. But, there comes a cracker of a contest when South Africa meets Australia in the third match.
Having scored 433 runs, Ricky Ponting would have thought - it would be an impossible way to loose, but Gibbs and Smith showed how a team can chase 400+ runs comfortably to a sweet victory.
I am looking forward to it and yea, I am with Australia!

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