March 3, 2007

I prefer Snail Mails!

(Pic via Yogeesh)

That picture is from the recent Australia Post campaign - "If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter".

I exactly believe in those words. With emails and instant messages - no wonder, we can communicate things instantly.

But, when you receive a letter (hand-written, snail mail) - from a person at an unexpected moment, it just blows away the person. I have tried this many a times.

When my other blog celebrated its first anniversary, I sent handwritten letters to my regular blog readers. They felt really happy.

Even, this blog has recently completed two years (jan 2007) and it contains about 250 posts. I am thinking of offering something for my regular readers (if there are any?).

Anyway, thats the message from me. Write a snail mail - add a special, personal touch!

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