February 2, 2007

Look up and smile

Microsoft with in intention to publicize its new Windows Vista and to market Windows Live (yes, Autsralia is included in the Google Earth's equivalent!).

Microsoft has launched a pretty looking site, "Look up and Smile".

"On 26 January, Australians right across the nation took to the streets, parks and backyards to celebrate what’s great about being Australian.

Those who attended one of the official Australia Day events were encouraged to participate in a historic snapshot of Australia and be photographed from the sky by our satellite and high tech planes. We have also invited all Australians to take a photo of their own Australia Day celebration and upload it to this website for a chance to win a $100,000 Australian Travel Pass. The competition closes on February 16, so enter now, or vote for your favourite photo."

I have listed one of my photo in the competition as well.

The voting period of the competition ends at 5:00 PM Sydney time on 16 February 2007 (“Voting Period”). During this period, the public will be invited to visit the Competition website and vote in each category for the entry which they think best captures the essence of what is Australia, being Australian or celebrating Australia Day.

You can vote for my photo if you like it. Here's the photo, you may have to find the photo at the site:

Australia Day wishes!

Australia Day commemorates the landing of first fleet of Australians at the beaches of Sydney, about 220 years ago. I think the above photo "Aussie thongs on beach" reflects this and more about the relaxed lifestyle of true aussies.

Happy Australia Day!

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