February 20, 2007

I am a snake. What are you?

(Photo courtesy: Ksionic)
As per Chinese Astrology, I am Snake. Very specifically, a Fire Snake. To find out who you are - visit Chinese astrology and check against your birth year. There are only 12 animals - you may belong to one of them.

So, as per Chinese Astrology, year of Pig commences in few days.

So, how this year is going to be for me.

ProAstro tells this , "This Year of the Pig is a revolutionary one for the Snake. There is a chance for exceptionally good fortune this year. Snakes, overall, need to practice caution this year. However, there are some Snakes that need to be more careful than others".

You can check the "Year of Pig" predictions for you at this page. A brief overview is FREE.

More from this site which analyzes the positives and negatives of the zodiac. For Snake,

"Positive: The Snake can be amiable, compromising, fun-loving, altruistic, honorable, sympathetic, philosophical, charitable, a paragon of fashion, intuitive, discreet, diplomatic, amusing and sexy.

Negative: The Snake can also be self-righteous, imperious, judgmental, conniving, mendacious, grabby, clinging, pessimistic, fickle, haughty, ostentatious and a very sore lose"

And some famous snakes include,

Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
Muhammad Ali,
Pablo Picasso,
Alexander Fleming,
John F. Kennedy,
Oprah Winfrey,
J. K. Rowling,
Mahatma Gandhi and
Pierce Brosnan.

(not a bad company, after all!)

May this "Year of Pig"
bring prosperity and happiness
to you and your family!

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