January 31, 2007

Yahoo Answers Features

This is my flickr photostream. Previously, I was using a "All Rights Reserved" license - but later few months ago, I thought I would share under Creative Commons license. The license now allows to freely use my photos but, must attribute me as the author.

Now, many people like Beth are using some of my images - I am happy for it. Even, I have used some of other flickr photos - only with attribution (only if the have said they are free to give their photos!).

Flying Caps

And, I got an email from Mike, Yahoo Answers Editor yesterday, that he liked this "Flying Caps" photo so much that he wants to use in the Yahoo Answers front page. At first, I thought (like you), it was a spam or somebody playing. Then, I checked, it is true. He has promised me to send a link when it is getting featured in Yahoo Answers.

I will post a screen shot. Yes, the concept was good for the photo. I should give credits to all my graduate friends who agreed to do this shot - they threw their caps at least 5 or 6 times. I took 4 or 5 shots, I am happy that one turned out good.

Ok, fellas, you are on the front page!

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Beth said...

Hi there,

If you want to get your work out there, set it free! That's the beauty of the creative commons licensing ... and congrats on getting your photo on Yahoo Answers!