January 19, 2007

My quest to create a world map

Heard of postcrossing? bookcrossing? ok, postcrossing works on a concept of exchanging postcards (usually, picture cards) with other random people across the globe. If you post a card to a random person, another person would post a card to you. Postcrossing manages by supplying the addresses between these random users via your email. So, if you post a card, you will a postcard from someone else for sure.

I actively participated in postcrossing during the first 4 months. It is really fun. Suddenly, you will get loads of picture cards from tiny nations that you might not even know how to spell their names. I think I have received 22 cards through postcrossing and another 38 cards via random exchange. So, I have 60 cards from at least 50 unique countries.

(Summary of sent and received cards:thiru)

I have decided to make a world map showing the nations from which I have received the postcards (shown as red coloured in the below pic). I would like to create one day - a colourful world map with the postcards instead of this red map. Soon, it will be ready!

(Countries from which I have received postcards: with the help of:world66)

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