December 8, 2006

The Real Bond

Some say he is the best bond ever. And others say he is the worst bond ever.

Image Padding?Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale and Daniel Craig the new bond have kept the promise of keeping the character real.

No over-hyped gadgets.

No stunt-doubles.

No more world-threatening, satellite building villains.

Just this James Bond comes from us and struggles to justify his promotion to double ''O'' status. The makers have kept the focus on character and plot rather than high-tech gadgets and visual effects. Good, we witness a refreshing bond movie - I got bored by the last movie by Pierce Brosnan because of the overload of special effects and stunts performed by stunt-doubles.

More than everything, when the media had written him off as a misfit for the prestigious role, Daniel Craig has come now and proved them WRONG. As the box office reports worldwide report Casino Royale as a major hit, well, the critics have to stick their faces on sand.

Oh, boy, what a feeling that is!

December 6, 2006

10 Great Decisions that changed the World forever!

Today, while I was sitting in the library a catchy cover page grabbed my attention - that is
The 75 greatest management decisions ever made in Journal for Quality and Participation, The, Nov/Dec 1999, by Crainer, Stuart.

Ok, it is very interesting some of these unusual decisions - their impacts were realized later.

Interesting ten things:

  1. Walt Disney listened to his wife, Lillian, and named his cartoon mouse Mickey instead of Mortimer. Entertainment was never the same after Mickey and Minnie debuted in Steamboat Willie in 1928.
  2. In 1950, Frank McNamara found himself in a restaurant with no money and came up with the idea of the Diners Club Card. The first credit card changed the nature of buying and selling throughout the world.
  3. Ignoring market research, Ted Turner launched the Cable News Network in 1980. No one thought a 24-hour news network would work. It did.
  4. In the early 1960s, Philip Morris repositioned Marlboro as a man's cigarette. This positioning, and the Marlboro cowboy, helped create one of the world's most successful and durable brands.
  5. In 1924, Thomas Watson, Sr. than ed the name of the Computing-Tabulating Recording Company to International Business Machines. The company had no international operations, but it was a bold statement of ambitions.
  6. Sony chief Akio Morita noticed that young people liked listening to music wherever they went. He and the company developed what became the Walkman, first made in 1980. There was no need for market research. "The public does not know what is possible. We do," said Morita.
  7. In 1850, Julius Reuter used carrier pigeons to communicate share prices between the end of the Belgian telegraph line in Brussels and the end of the German line in Aachen. It was the beginning of the news and information business.
  8. In 1948, the world's first instant camera the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, was demonstrated. Management bravely decided to price it at $89.75 against Kodak's Baby Brownie, priced at $2.75. The entire initial stock of 56 was sold on the first day, and Polaroid was launched.
  9. Ray Kroc liked Mac and Dick McDonald's stand in San Bernardino, California, selling hamburgers, fries, and milk shakes, so much, that he opened his own franchised restaurant in 1955 and formed McDonald's Corp. Kroc went on to create a huge global company and a vast mart for Fast food.
  10. Michael Dell decided to sell PCs direct and built to order. Now everybody in the industry is trying to imitate Dell Computer's strategy. Too late?

Reprinted from Management Review, November 1998. Copyright 1998 American Management Association International. Reprinted by permission ofAmerican Management Association International, New York, NY All rights reserved.

December 5, 2006

The Death of English Cricket

It can be easily rewritten today with a change in date and place as
"In Affectionate Remembrance of ENGLISH CRICKET, which died at the Adelaide Oval on 5th DECEMBER, 2006, Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends and acquaintances R.I.P.

N.B. — The body will be cremated and the ashes will be washed in Torrens River, Adelaide Australia."

In what is said to be a magical turnaround of events, Poms collapsed yet another time in a span of 42 overs - with 9 wickets falling for just 60 runs on the final day of the second test at Adelaide Oval.

First, the English were stupid enough to bat for 2 days to score the runs which were thrashed by Aussies in a day or so. Then, came the batting collapse that shocked Freddy.

On the other hand, Australia has pulled off a dream match that everyone expected to end in a boring draw.

well, done mates!

December 4, 2006

Funny Story:Just for fun

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Thirumurugan. Thirumurugan was 12 years old and lived in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. While walking home from school one day, a white dog jumped out from behind a Tree and tackled Thirumurugan to the ground. But just when he was about to let out a scream for help, Thirumurugan realized that the white dog was only licking his face, not trying to bite it off. At that moment, Thirumurugan decided to keep the white dog as a pet. And on the way home he decided to name his pet white dog ''Tommy.''

When Thirumurugan and his new pet finally got home, guess who was standing on the front porch? That's right, it was Thirumurugan's mother, . And boy was she surprised to see a white dog following Thirumurugan into the yard! ''What in world is that?'' shouted . ''It's a white dog,'' answered Thirumurugan. ''Dah, I can see that, Thirumurugan, but what on earth is it doing here?'' said . ''It's my new pet!'' answered Thirumurugan. ''Oh you think so do you?'' remarked . ''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know how your father hates white dogs. But, well, I suppose you can keep him until your father comes home.'' And with that Thirumurugan grabbed Tommy by the scruff of the neck and led his new pet into the house--even though he knew his father was probably going to disapprove.

Once in the house, Thirumurugan and Tommy played and played, that is until Thirumurugan's favorite television show, ''Mr Bean,'' started. At that point Thirumurugan forgot all about Tommy having an unsupervised run of the house. That is until half way through ''Mr Bean,'' when Thirumurugan was brought back to reality when he heard his father shout, ''annoy!! Thirumurugan! Get your tail in the hall...NOW!!'' With that Thirumurugan rushed into the hall to see what all the fuss was about. When he entered the hall, there stood his father, , pointing toward the Sofa. ''Will someone please explain that?'' asked his father. Then, as Thirumurugan followed his father's finger to where it was pointing, he instantly knew what his father was so upset about. There, smack dab in the middle of the Sofa, was the biggest pile of dog doo-doo he had ever seen! ''I don't EVEN want to know how that got there,'' said . ''But you had better get it cleaned up now! And you had better get rid of whatever it is that could have done such a thing!''

Well, knowing his father as well as he did, Thirumurugan knew there was no sense even asking his father if he could keep Tommy for a pet. So without hesitation, Thirumurugan set out to find where Tommy was hiding. After a few minutes of looking, Thirumurugan discovered Tommy crouched beneath the table that Thirumurugan did his story writing on. ''Come on, Tommy, it's time to find you a new home. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who did the dirty deed on the Sofa!'' scolded Thirumurugan. ''Thanks to you I'll never get to have my own pet dog!!

And with that Thirumurugan led Tommy out of the house and down to the local Foodland. They had a pet section and Thirumurugan knew the owner would find Tommy a good home. So after saying good-bye to Tommy, and thanking the owner of Foodland, Thirumurugan walked backed home and attempted to ground his sorrows by slamming down a half dozen coca colas. But Thirumurugan's pitty party came to an abrupt end when his father reminded him about the mess he had neglected to clean up. And low and behold, midway through the clean-up, Thirumurugan suddenly became thankful that someone else was going to have to do it from now on.

The End.

''A SHORT STORY,'' by Thirumurugan Ponnusamy

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