November 2, 2006

What's this Australia?

Based on the news item by The Advertiser

It is very embarrassing that Indian students who are living within the suburb Enfield particularly Collins Street are getting assaulted by some local strangers (Australians?) during the last couple of months.

There are roughly 7 such cases known during this period.Yesterday was the most threatening day for two of the Indian guys as four local guys attacked on them at Collins Street.

One of the guys named Mihir Patel was badly hurt. His face is completely crushed, nose is fractured and abdominal muscles are ruptured. Now he is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Royal Adelaide Hospital and doctor says that his condition is still unstable.

The friend of (other guy) Mihir got his hand fractured and is also serious. Doctors suggested that Mihir should be operated within 2 days and the estimated cost would be around 10 - 12 thousands Australian dollars.

It is our moral responsibility to support our friends in such difficult situation. Let’s get together and give a supporting hand to our friends. We are all helping him to reach with the required hospital expenses. But, this mission needs some more financial and moral support from you.

We consider this to be an opportunity to come forward and help our friends.

Show your concern by contacting the following email address or phone number:
Harshal ShahE-mail:
Ph.: 0433261516

Sudarshan Patel
Ph.: 0433904670

*We are not sure to get the money back from the insurance but we are helping him out considering it as our duty. We are keeping a record of individuals who had contributed and so if we get the insurance money back we can surely return it back.Thanking you in anticipation.

With Regards,
Harshal / Sudarshan

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