November 29, 2006

MAXImum Retail Price

Probably, you had been in the situation many a times in India. Shops at theatre complexes, motels and restaurants sell food, snacks or drinks at a higher rate than the Govt. Specified MRP (Maximum Retail Price). Actually, the MRP includes all sorts of taxes and nobody is supposed to sell at a higher price than MRP.

I am asking you to read the following mail from one such concerned citizen from India. I have given my advice to the person (May publish if I receive any reply for this post).

Then, comment on this what will YOU do at a similar situation.

"Hi Murugan
I am Abhilash.I stay in India.

I am a strict anti-bribery guy.I hate to endorse and support corruption,cause that's the MOST dangerous disease eating away the society;according to me.And first and foremost,that shouldn't be the way of life just because that shouldn't be.It's unethical and illegal.

One of the things that irritates me a lot is the selling of some goods at a price more than the MRP.This can be experienced a lot at film theatres,eateries at large shopping malls,at pilgrimages and other places where people are vulnerable for exploitation. I sometimes argued with the shopkeeper but I succeeded only a few times.

At other times,I just refrained from buying the thing.I hope you are getting my point.

Could you give me a suggestion on how to handle this freaky stuff?

Also could you provide with information sources that deal with solutions for this problem.


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Anonymous said...

can you actually suggest me as to what to do?since i too think on the same lines.i would be really happy if you do it as soon as possible.please mail at