October 18, 2006

The Art of Living...

(Photo courtesy:Pete Carr via Flickr)

It has been 3 years since I attended this "Art of Living" course to learn "Sudarshan Kriya" - a breathing technique which gives a complete relaxation to your body, mind and spirit. Now, in Adelaide, I am learning it again to refresh myself.

I dont follow any religion or any religious leader (Each one teaches at least one good thing, though). But, I like to contemplate on spiritual things. I am trying to get answers from every religion for that matter.

Ravi shankar
(fondly called by his devotees as "Sri Sri")
is a spiritual leader and founder of the international Art of Living Foundation. Developed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Sudarshan Kriya® is the core component of the Art of Living Course. Sudarshana Kriya® is sort of deep meditation. You start by concentating on your breathing, and reach a state of deep relaxation.

Ok, the theory goes like this. By controlling our breathe, we can control our body rhythms and mind. We can infuse energy by varying our breathe rates. The art of living course truly lives to the promise of making it a reality.

When I underwent the course, I began to feel as I was reborn. I dont know how to put it in words.

It was a spiritual experience. You should experience it for yourself. Search for a nearest AoL centre. You will thank me after that.

If you are in Adelaide and want to know more you can call Beth Marshall, Art of Living Co-ordinator for SA on
0428778145 (or via e-mail bethmshl@chariot.net.au) to request a brochure.

By the way, I like a philoshophy of Ravi Shankar. He says
that, "Spirituality is like banana and religion is like banana skin. Everyone is so engrossed (fighting to show which skin is the best?) with banana skins leaving the banana out."

Go Bananas!!

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