September 18, 2006

Top Strategies for Successful Job hunting

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Read this story on rediff Job hunting? Top strategies. This article highlights the common pitfalls that almost every job hunter undergoes and elucidates best strategies for job hunting to end up in a well paying job.

So, what are the effective tips..

1. Joining a professional association - In my opinion, this is a big habit everyone must get used to. Attend business meets / conferences / networking dinners etc.

2. Yes for (sensible) Orkut - Find people who share similar interests with you. Network and ask tips from people whom you would like to work with.

3. Attend college alumni meets - Or find your old friend and just e-mail saying "Hello", get to know what they are working on.

4. Register with a recruiter/job consultant - just in case to check if your application, CV etc are up to the standard, required industry format.

5. Do your own research - try by all means. Devise your own strategies. If something doesn't work, quickly change or adapt.

6. Target prospective employers - send open applications.

7. Start giving interviews - Never mind if you dont suceed. At least fix up 2 or 3 interviews per week, you will learn the strategies by yourself.

8. Have mentors; Seek guidance.

9. I will advise you to read the book, "What color is your Parachute 2006" edition and visit the official Jobhunters bible site

10. Never give up - It is not that you are a faulty apple. Just you have not found the right customer to buy you.

Also look at Texas Work Force Job Hunter's Guide

Two excellent guides - one for students and one for experienced jobseekers

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