September 29, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

"By far, the most terrifying film you will ever see.", proclaims this movie's trailer. Certainly it does a terrific job.

We went to see the movie on the opening week. But, it was all booked out. First time (in Adelaide in these 17 months!) ever I have seen that a movie is all booked out. We had to come back disappointed.

Then came the free tickets right behind us. Carbon Planet, in conjunction with the Solar Shop and Desert EcoSystems offered free tickets to me and four of my friends to a very special
(FREE) screening of the movie. Thanks guys for the movie, snacks and drinks!

Al Gore just wakes you up and asks you to take some action NOW. I think that is the most useful job he can do right now. He chose the Cinema as the right medium.

In a typical hollywood narration, Al Gore blends his personal setbacks with his lifelong commitment to advocate the effects of global warming across the planet. With scientific facts and stunning , glorius animations he narrrates the climate crisis from end-to-end.

Well, Google rates the movie at 4.1 out of 5 based on 23 external reviews, why dont you see it for yourself.

And what more, you can watch the movie for FREE. Visit to know more.

Here's the Gem. You can download the actual presentation of Al Gore's (230 MB). [Right-click and choose Save as..]

Go. Watch. Get enlightened. Then, ACT!

An update from Vivienne says you can also purchase fully certified carbon credits from CarbonPlanet (as well as to remove their impact on Global Warming.

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tahpot said...

Hey ya! I'm a fellow Adelaidian and also saw "An Inconvenient Truth" (blog post here:

What's also amusing is that I saw the film for free also - although via an invite by our local MP Kate Ellis.

Thanks also for the info about where to purchase carbon credits - I'm going to look into it to see the costs etc. of becoming completely carbon neutral (although it may have to wait until I finish uni and have a decent wage).