June 23, 2006

See, Who's Talking!

How are you? Do you like receiving letters? Do you feel happy to receive an e-mail? Certainly, I would love to. This is a step to fulfill such a gap in communication. I love writing (letters). From my schooldays, it is my hobby to surprise people with little notes / letters at unexpected times. To see the happiness in their eyes, I would do that. Nowadays, the technology is so much improved. But still we do not communicate with each other. It takes a little time to write or type a few caring words - but we don't do. Excuse - No Time.

Mmm.. why I did I start a blog at first. What I wanted achieve through it. Why did I name 'See, who's Talking!', in the first place. Everything has a modest beginning. I was a shy, silent boy by nature. So, I named my blog (MSN Space) in a sarcastic way, 'See, who's Talking!'. Now, my blog has changed for good. Readers like you changed me. You inspire me. Everyone of the readers who wrote to me after reading my posts have thanked me, surprised me with their greetings are the reason behind my success as a blogger. I did not write many of my blogs. I just shared with you what I read. I posted those which I had inspired me, personally.

The needs of human beings can be classified by three levels. At the lowest end of the scale, remain physical needs - need for food, cloth, shelter and sex. The second level is emotional needs - where one's emotional self (ego), need for recognition, need for love etc falls in this category. The third category is highest in the scale - they are spiritual (not religious / caste etc) needs - where we try to find answers for big questions such who we are, why we are here etc. These categories are hierarchical, that is, without fulfilling physical needs, we cannot fulfill emotional needs - without satisfying emotional needs, we don't search for spiritual needs. If you can fulfill any of these needs, for a person, you can be a friend (or a relative) of that person. Also, if you fulfill the higher needs of a person - you can become more intimate with that person.

We live in a time where it is easy to remain with hatred, dishonest and unloving feelings. We see love and compassion as luxuries. But they are absolute necessities. If you know how to exhibit love, honesty, compassion, kindness and truthfulness - you will be valued highest. Try showing kindness to your people around you. Call your friends just to say 'Take care'. Write a mail to an old friend to ask about his/her health and well being. This is a such good life. We have a good way live it.

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