June 27, 2006

Australia ends their World Cup campaign!

Last night, while I boarded Adelaide Metro bus at around 11.50 pm from Pultney Street, a group of ten soccer(oo) fans greeted me into the bus with a loud noise. They even shouted to give me a wave. With a smile, I waved at them and sat near the front end of the bus.

All were shouting slograns "Ozzie Rules", "Toast it..italy!" etc.. They got down near the Adelaide Oveal, where there was a huge crowd (about 10,000 people) gathered to watch the match "Australia vs Italy" on big screen.

Though, I dont follow soccer, I am disappointed to know that Aussies are out of the world cup campaign. I heard from my colleagues that Ausies really played well throughout this world cup.

Well done, Fellas!

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